As with your own natural hair, shampoo and condition your new extensions when you feel necessary. When shampooing, be sure to keep hair untangled and uniform. Wash hair with head tilted back. Do not rub or massage the hair; use a squeezing motion to saturate the hair with tepid water and shampoo.

Rinse hair with care to avoid tangling, run tepid water from root to ends, or top to bottom. When choosing a conditioner, be sure to purchase a moisturizing professional, alcohol free and sulfate-free product.Use leave-in moisturizing spray conditioner regularly when out in the wind or sun.

Do not leave conditioner on the bonds for more than 10 seconds, if conditioner is left on the bonds it will result softening the bond and compromising the hold. Towel dry the hair by rolling it or squeezing the water out.

Never rub the hair. It is best to air dry your extensions, however, if you choose to blow dry your hair, us an ion dryer as it will remove the moisture quicker and with less heat damage.